Segments from our Service

       April 29, 2018
5th Sunday of Easter
Worship through Music and Arts Sunday

Instrumental: "10,000 Reasons"
Abigail Jenkins & Kay Deffley

Duet: "Somewhere Out There"
Nick and Caleb Deffley

Song: "How Great Thou Art"
Same Povie & Anita Homansky

Liturgical Dance
Asbury Intergenerational Dancers

Anthem: "Joyful, Joyful"
Asbury Memorial Choir

Instrumental: "Be Still My Soul"
Sarah Povie & Kay Deffley

Instrumental: "Be Still My Soul"
Sarah Povie & Kay Deffley

Poem: "Happy Birthday Church"
Rev. Billy Hester

Song: "One Brick at a Time"
Asbury Builders

Worship Service Bulletin


Rev. Billy Hester

Musicians ...
Organ: Kay Deffley
Piano: Michael Sweat / Kay Deffley Bass: Doug Povie

Video Photographer: Patrick Prokop
Sound & Lights:
Barry Parker
Christina Focht Kincade
Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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