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What is a "Chrismon tree"?

"Chrismon" is a combination of two words, "Christ," and "monogram." Monogram, of course, means initials, or symbols for a particular person. The Chrismon tree bears symbols or monograms about Jesus our Savior. The practice of having a "Chrismon Tree" began with a Lutheran pastor, Mr. George Pass, in 1940. He began making decorations for his own Christmas tree that were symbols about Jesus Christ, and the meaning of Christmas, instead of the usual pretty but meaningless shiny balls, Santa Clauses and reindeer. The practice soon caught on with other Christians and many churches, and today the Chrismon Tree is a common sight in many churches.

The base of the Chrismon tree is an evergreen, which symbolizes the eternal life available to us via our relationship through Jesus Christ. The tiny white lights along with the Chrismons ornaments of gold and white represents the light of Christ who is the light of the world. There are many ornaments designs to represent this.

The following link depicting these symbols are from the United Methodist Church Site (UMCS.ORG). Click here for a list of Chrismon symbols.

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Asbury Memorial is a place where all people can develop their spirituality, use their talents, and grow in faith as we seek to love, serve, and celebrate God, each other, and our community.

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