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Rev. Billy Hester, Minister           Director of Music: Ray Ellis

Assistant Ministers: Jan Durham ... Grady Mills ... Jeanette Purvis


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Candlelight Christmas Eve Service
& Caroling ... 6:30 PM

There is nothing quite like the Christmas Eve Service at Asbury! The extraordinary service combined with the sanctuary filled with old members, new members, and visitors alike help make this a transforming experience.

Just as powerful as the service itself is the caroling in the neighborhood that follows and its conclusion at Miss Virginia's house.

It is simply an extraordinary night.....as Christmas Eve should be!

Relive the Easter Sunday 2018 Experience

Experience the Joy of our Christmas Eve Service


Our Mission Statement:
Asbury Memorial is a place where all people can develop their spirituality, use their talents, and grow in faith as we seek to love, serve, and celebrate God, each other, and our community.

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The South Gerogia Conference of the United Methodist Church

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