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Sermon Notes

May 14, 2017
Mother's Day

Every week, Dwight Campbell writes a commentary on Billy's sermon to use as a discussion tool for the Men's Group that meets each Thursday. They meet on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

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Jeanette opens her sermon, "The Best Mother", talking about the various and multiple kinds and types of Moms. Then, with loving words about her own Mom, she reminisces about special moments and memories. With a brief lament about how hard it is to preach about mothers, and her doubts that anyone can live up to the flowery words and phrases of the many Mother's Day cards, she leads her into an interpretation of Proverbs 31. Biblical scholars have suggested: ... a woman of really a metaphorical depiction of God as a wise, loving and caring woman. Is it actually depicting the feminine side of God? If God created us in his own image, both man and woman, then why would God not have a very feminine side? Jeanette then asks us to consider some ... similes? As a mother can never forget her nursing child, neither can God forget us, or like a hovering mother eagle protects its young, so does God protect us. She uses this as a segway in the main message of her sermon: Gods love for us, protecting, comforting and guiding when we are vulnerable, weak and not perfect is really a perfect mothers love for her offspring. Why then not say Mother God? She then ends her sermon with a humerous essay on God creating a mother. The conclusion: "Moms are a little like God." Amen and Amen!

What a perfect topic for the final meeting of the Men's Group; "feminine attributes". What is our feminine side? Do we acknowledge our feminine attributes? In our defined roles in this world, are feminine attributes desired or rewarded? When considering the higher traits of a spiritual path like love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance, do they sound masculine or feminine? How do you feel about God the Mother vs God the Father?

Stephen Mitchell, in his translation of the Tao Te Ching (500 BCE) states: ...of all the world religions, the teaching of Lao-Tzu is by far the most female. Wikipedia goes on to compare the qualities of the Tao Te Ching writings to the passive, solid and quiescent feminine qualities of nature (as opposed to active & energetic).

For our summer contemplation we should consider why we have become such a patriarchal society? Is it love or is it fear?

I look forward to our final evening together and to some good discussion.

Love and Blessings,

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